Alex Ovechkin checks Zdeno Chara onto the Capitals bench – Russian Machine Never Breaks

Alex Ovechkin is a big rig. And 6-foot-9-inch Zdeno Chara is nicknamed The Big Z.

So physics demands that when these two big humans meet, there is a lot of force involved. And that happened during the first period.

In the neutral zone, the two future Hall of Famers fought for a loose puck. Chara ended up in the Caps bench.


Ovechkin gives Chara a shove and… up and over Chara goes!

I can’t stop watching this.

Chara is literally the last person on Earth I thought could be checked into the bench, but Ovi’s capable of anything I guess.

Tom Wilson also had a beef with Chara earlier in the game. I love it. Two hosses just being angry.

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