Before and after Easter is becoming a good time to travel

Are you going to be traveling during the Easter holiday?  If the answer is yes, your’re not alone.  Lots of families are getting away.  

Many have already left for a quick getaway.  That’s because spring break is this week for many, yet for others they’re off next week, according to Jim Pratt with Eagle Travel.      

“They might leave Friday or they might spend Easter in New Orleans and leave on Monday,” Pratt said.  “They’ve got a good part of next week.”  

Pratt says the favorite destinations remain the same, heading to Disneyworld in Florida, cruises leaving out of New Orleans. 

“More than ever, New Orleans has many more ship than it’s had years ago so prices are right and families like it,” added Pratt.

Pratt says the adventure of travel is big part of the trip, getting there  and there is even a segment of people who love to travel in RVs.

“You know the Smokies are good in the winter and good in the spring it’s just beautiful up there right now and so you have a good segment of people going up there right now, and then you have a good segment going on adventure trips, like taking the train and going to Washington D.C.,” he said.

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