Brockton police investigating after fatal shooting in parking lot

BROCKTON, Mass. – Brockton Police are investigating after a fatal shooting killed one person at a convenient store parking lot. 

Mayor Bill Carpenter was at the scene Saturday night and confirmed that police were investigating and collecting evidence from the Brockton Mini Mart parking lot. 

Mayor Carpenter told Boston 25 News that the city’s shot spotter system activated at 10:15 p.m. showing gunfire at Spring St. and Pleasant St. 

According to the Mayor, police found a vehicle in the parking lot with two gunshot victims inside. 

Police remain quiet about what is going on, but Brockton Fire tweeted out last night that they were responding to a medical emergency with multiple victims.

According to the Brockton Enterprise, one person died and the other was taken to the hospital. 

At this time, police have not released any suspect names. 

This story has been updated.*  

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