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Saudi Arabia: MERS cases reach more than 400, more than 100 dead – Reuters

KUWAIT (Reuters) – Eighteen more people in Saudi Arabia have contracted the potentially deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), bringing the number of cases in the kingdom to 414, its health ministry said on Monday, more than a quarter of whom have died. The new cases, reported in the past 48 hours, were in the […]

Novartis’ long-acting Signifor passes PhIII test for acromegaly – FierceBiotech

Novartis’ long-acting Signifor passes PhIII test for acromegaly – FierceBiotech

Novartis ($NVS) says that a pivotal study of its long-acting version of Signifor demonstrated success in treating acromegaly, a condition in which excess levels of growth hormone causes body parts like the hands and feet and face to swell. At the meeting of the European Congress of Endocrinology, investigators said that patients taking pasireotide long-acting […]

He Lost 125 Pounds, But Still Felt Fat – KUTV 2News

(CNN) If you’re overweight, slimming down will make you feel great, right? For John Janetzko, embracing his own body took more than just weight loss. The 24-year-old chemistry Ph.D. candidate at Harvard is just under 6 feet tall, and struggled with his body image for years. Even after losing 125 pounds, he still felt fat, […]

Young Blood May Hold Key to Reversing Aging – New York Times

Young Blood May Hold Key to Reversing Aging – New York Times

Young Adults Think E-Cigs Safer Than Tobacco Ones – Doctors Lounge

Young Adults Think E-Cigs Safer Than Tobacco Ones – Doctors Lounge

Survey finds young parents and non-smokers among users. SUNDAY, May 4, 2014 (HealthDay News) — A small number of young parents are using electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), while a wide majority of young adults believe e-cigarettes are less hazardous than regular cigarettes, according to a new survey. There’s a great deal of debate over the safety […]

State officials: Man treated for MERS ‘improving’ – Chicago Tribune

A man suffering from the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is doing better today, authorities said. The victim is hospitalized at the Community Hospital in Munster, Ind., which is the first U.S. facility to admit a patient with the deadly virus. The patient, whose name is being kept confidential, remains hospitalized in […]

Helmets not helpful for treating flat skulls of infants, new study suggests – Tech Times

So are corrective or orthotic helmets a boon or a bane? Study researchers from the Netherlands say it isn’t that helpful at all, given the high costs and side effects reported. Read what they have to say. (Photo : Joe Nicora) Parents have always received advices from well-meaning family […]

Tough Mudder Racers Caught Stomach Bug After Ingesting Muddy Water – TIME

A competitor falls into muddy water during Toughmudder at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit on March 22, 2014 in Phillip Island, Australia. Quinn Rooney—Getty Images In a new CDC report, researchers say that multiple cases of fever, vomiting and explosive diarrhea were likely the result of C.Coli infections that victims picked up while traversing a […]

Mers outbreak: Q & A – Telegraph.co.uk

Workers wear mouth and nose masks while on duty during a football match in Riyadh following reports of MERS cases In addition, most of those infected in Saudi Arabia have been staff or patients at hospitals that have been treating the sick. This suggests that disease control in those hospitals was not adequate, and the […]

Parents still placing babies on their stomach to sleep, despite warnings – TheCelebrityCafe.com

New research has shown that parents are still placing their children on their stomachs or sides for sleep even though placing babies on their backs has been shown to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The government, along with advocacy groups and the American Academy of Pediatrics have all urged parents to […]