CC Sabathia says he'll probably retire if the Yankees win World Series

Given the strength of the Yankees‘ roster and the fact that they’re presently on pace for 114 wins, the team certainly has legitimate designs on the World Series. Speaking of which, rotation “glue guy” CC Sabathia is in some ways already entertaining championship hypotheticals and what another ring would mean for his future. Here’s what the 37-year-old lefty recently George A. King III of The New York Post … 

“I want one more parade and pretty sure that will be it,” Sabathia told The Post. “I thought I had it last year.”

Asked if he would have retired had the Yankees gotten by the Astros in Game 7 of the ALCS, which he started, and beaten the Dodgers in the World Series, Sabathia said that would have been the end of what has been a Hall of Fame worthy career.

Sabathia has a ring as a member of the 2009 Yankees (he was ALCS MVP that year), but one’s appetite for belts and titles never really wanes. If all you knew about Sabathia was his age and his laurels, then all of this would make perfect sense. Why not go out on top? The thing, though, is that Sabathia is still very good at his job … 

Sabathia was once  a hard-throwing, high-K workhorse. Once his velocity declined, though, he successfully adapted a cutter, and that’s helped him avoid the usual aging curve (he’s put up an ERA+ of 123 since turning 35). As King’s assertion that Sabathia is a likely future Hall of Famer, he’s certainly not wrong. Across parts of 18 big-league seasons, Sabathia’s won 239 games; authored an ERA+ of 118; worked 3,349 1/3 innings; struck out almost 3,000 batters; and built a WAR of 60.9. That’s probably enough to get him in one day, albeit likely not on the first ballot. 

Given the way he’s managed his decline phase, though, the Yankees would surely take him back in 2019 (he’s on a one-year contract for 2018). If saying goodbye to Sabathia means hoisting the trophy, though, then the Yankees will also take that. 

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