Conspiracy Theorists claim Aliens are preparing for war as they spot ancient alien tank on Moon

Are aliens preparing for war? Alien hunters have claimed that intelligent alien species live on the moon and they are building up an army to combat us. To support the claim, a Youtuber has posted a video that shows alleged alien tank present on the lunar surface. After seeing the video, alien enthusiasts made a bold claim that extraterrestrial species monitor our activities from the moon and they will attack us soon.

The video was uploaded by the renowned Youtuber SecureTeam10 where he showed the ancient tank while examining the image captured by NASA observatory. The uploader has zoomed the image and enhanced its color to increase the viewability of the image. One can clearly see an object that appears like a tank from the top view.

“It very well could be just an oddly shaped boulder, but I want you guys to notice the artificial nature of it. If look at an actual tank from a bird’s eye view, you’ll see the tank and the turret on top, and this exhibits very similar features to the tanks that we see on Earth,” said the YouTuber.

Watch the video of an alien tank on Moon

The video is trending on the social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook. Over one million people have watched the stunning video on the Youtube itself.

Previously, a man claimed that he saw a giant UFO or alien ‘mothership’, and several other smaller objects moving at high speed on the moon background in the night sky of Bristol. He even filmed the possible UFO sighting. According to the man, the main UFO-like object or the mother ship was very big. “I reckon the mothership was the size of two to three football fields, at least,” he said. He further informed that there were two or three mysterious flying objects altogether but the focus was mainly on the mothership as it was very big considering its large distance. Another eyewitness said, “I was a witness to the alien ships right out of my apartment in Portland. The main UFO was at a distance from others.

Recently, A UFO researcher has claimed that he spotted two mysterious UFO-like objects on the lunar surface. George Graham, a Scottish UFO researcher said that when he was analyzing the pictures taken by Chinese lunar probe spacecraft Chang’e 3, he spotted those two mysterious objects on the lunar surface. One was looking like an alien and another was looking like a flying saucer hiding behind a big rock, as revealed in the two separate videos uploaded by Graham on his YouTube Channel ‘Streetcap1′.

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