EasyUni Middle East reports “sizeable” growth

The number of applications and enquiries to EasyuniME portals are said to have grown by 409% over the same period.

“We are now able to convert all leads generated all the way to successful enrolment”

“We are projecting that this number will increase even more in the next few months as the application season in the Middle East will start in June, when students graduate from high school,” Tay explained.

EasyUni launched its platform in Saudi Arabia due to the rising student population in the Middle East. 

The Malaysian firm identified a steady demand for Middle East students, not only from Malaysian universities but also UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

According to Tay, EasyUni has secured a “sizeable” number of university clients looking to expand their brand and student numbers from the MENA region.

“We are now able to convert all leads generated all the way to successful enrolment. Something that our clients find hard to do, due to language, nuances and time zone difference,” Tay said.

However, EasyUniME is not only aiding foreign universities penetrate the MENA region.

Tay added that the platform has also focused on displaying courses at universities in the MENA region.

“We see that not many similar portals are listing Middle East universities. With that in mind, we have started listing Saudi universities in order to help them to gain more exposure to local students and abroad.”

He said that local universities have also approached the Malaysian company to help with digital marketing, branding and lead generation, as the team had expected when launching six months ago.

“We are working hard to achieve our mission to make EasyUni Middle East the [region’s] number one platform preferred by students and parents to study abroad.”

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