Elon Musk asks judge to throw out UK diver's lawsuit over Thai spat – The Argus

Elon Musk has asked a California judge to throw out a lawsuit filed against him by a British diver who accused the tech entrepreneur of falsely calling him a paedophile.

The court filing argues that “the public knew from the outset that Musk’s insults were not intended to be statements of fact”.

Mr Musk called UK diver Vernon Unsworth a “paedo” in a tweet to his 22.5 million followers after Mr Unsworth criticised him in a CNN interview in July about efforts to rescue young football players trapped in a cave in Thailand.

Mr Unsworth was among UK divers honoured at Downing Street after the rescue (Jonathan Brady/PA)

Mr Musk and engineers from his rocket company, SpaceX, built a small submarine and shipped it to Thailand to help with the rescue.

The device was not used and in the interview, Mr Unsworth called it a “PR stunt”.

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