Finance manager: Jacksonville city worker was not called out to the business for the military flags

Update, 4/18/18: Action News Jax has uncovered new documents that appear to show a history of issues between the city and Jaguar Power Sports.

We will have the latest details on what we found beginning on CBS47 Action News Jax at 5.

Original story below:

The military flags flying outside the Jacksonville business was not why the city was called out for, according to the finance manager.

The manager of Jaguar Power Sports told Action News Jax the city was called for vehicles parked on the city easement. After that, the Jacksonville city worker issued a warning for the miltary flags, according to the finance manager.    

The worker, Melinda Power, was seen in surveillance video appearing to wag her finger at a veteran who was trying to defend the flying of the flags at the business. The veteran said Power insulted him by saying that what he did for the country did not matter.

The army veteran who did not want to be identifed said that he was shot three times serving overseas and was offended by her comments but did not want her fired.

Power posted an apology on her Facebook page on Tuesday.

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