Gino Cervi and Laura Adani

Italian postcard. Gino Cervi, Laura Adani, Paolo Carlini, Graziella Granata in the Alan Ayckbourn stage comedy Relatively Speaking, retitled Sinceramente Bugiardi [Sincerely Liars] (1970), directed by Mario Ferrero, and played by the Compagnia di Prosa, led by Cervi.


Laura Adani (1913-1996) was an Italian stage and screen actress. In the mid-1930s she was the prima donna of the Italian stage in plays by Shakespeare and D’Annunzio and formed a dream team with Renzo Ricci, while in the post-war era she proved to be an extremely versatile actress in modern plays by Caldwell, Cocteau and others, directed by e.g. Luchino Visconti. In 1947 she married his elder brother Luigi. After his death she remarried with admiral Ernesto Balbo Bertone. Adani also acted in a dozen films and in comedies on TV.


Gino Cervi (1901 – 1974) was a highly active and equally popular Italian stage, film and television actor from the 1930’s to the early 1970’s. He is best remembered as Peppone in the Don Camillo films and as Maigret in the RAI TV series.


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