Jacob Zuma speech: Tent blows away in the middle of a speech

Tent collapses during Zuma speech, Friday 16 DecemberImage copyright

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There were hundreds of people in the audience when a storm lifted the marquee

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma was forced to run for cover after a tent in which he was giving a speech collapsed.

Strong winds and rain tore through the marquee, where Mr Zuma was addressing a crowd for Reconciliation Day.

A video posted on social media by local reporters showed people scrambling for safety as the tent blew upwards and the president was rushed off stage.

There were no immediate reports of injuries during the storm, in Gopane in South Africa’s North West province.

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Reconciliation Day is meant to promote unity among South Africa’s racial groups following the end of white minority rule in 1994.

With the tent up in the air, all further proceedings were cancelled.

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