Jason Witten messed up college football rules on the first play of the CFP title game – For The Win

ESPN’s decision to scrap the beloved Coaches Film Room in favor of a Monday Night Football film room with Joe Tessitore, Jason Witten, and Booger McFarland wasn’t met kindly by college football films.

Film Room was an excellent idea that put some of the best college football minds in one room and had them discuss the game in real time. It took one play for this new MNF film room to be the massive downgrade we all expected it to be.

Witten had no idea you can call fair catches on college kickoffs.

As Alabama kicked off the game, Clemson’s Derion Kendrick called a fair catch at the two-yard line. We could see as a completely perplexed Witten pointed and asked, “Why’d he fair catch it?”

Everyone else quickly interjected to let Witten know that it was a new rule. Players can call a fair catch on kickoffs inside the 25-yard line for a touchback.

Witten struggled mightily in his first season as a broadcaster, and even in the casual film room setting, it was more of the same struggles. ESPN gave up actual college football experts for that.

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