LOOK: Did the Jaguars accidentally reveal new uniforms at the Jacksonville airport?

Here’s what we know: The Jaguars are getting new uniforms and the announcement was expected some time in April. And here’s what we learned on Thursday: Though we’re certain this wasn’t part of the plan, the big reveal took place at … the Jacksonville International Airport. 

At least that appears to be the case, according to these tweets:

So what has changed? Via Jacksonville.com:

A.J. Bouye wears the white jersey and black pants. Yannick Ngakoue is in all black with Leonard Fournette in all white. Jalen Ramsey has on a black jersey and teal pants. Calais Campbell towers over them all, as usual, in a teal jersey in black pants. The helmet in Ramsey’s hand looks to be all black, but because the photo mural is in the secure area, it’s hard to tell from the spot near the numerous Do Not Enter signs that are an airport fixture.

This squares with what the Associated Press’ Mark Long reported in February: The helmet will likely be all black and teal will be involved. (After going three seasons without wearing teal, the Jags wore the color for two games in 2017, against the Bengals and Seahawks. And as CBSSports.com’s John Breech noted previously, the Jags also sold teal burgers and teal beer at their playoff game.)

The overall look appears simpler and cleaner, which makes sense given that Tom Coughlin was involved, but it also means the surprisingly popular April Fool’s Day new uniforms are officially off the table.

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