Love Is Blind starring Actor/Music Therapist Arsi Nami Official Selection 2017 WeCare Film Festival India & 2017 Hollywood Screening Semifinalist

Love Is Blind starring Actor/Music Therapist Arsi Nami and April Lam has been chosen as the Official Selection of 2017 We Care Film Festival in India. A festival promoting disability awareness, remove the myths, misconceptions, prejudices and stereotypes about disabled and disability among society through the medium of films.

Love is Blind is also elected into Hollywood Screening Film Festival as a Semi Finalist. A Film where Arsi Nami plays the lead as Giovanni, as well as the composer of it’s soundtrack


Arsi Nami states:

Thanks to a wonderful group of Crew/Talents who contributed and united as One to make this film possible.

A special moments for me, because acting therapy and Music Therapy picked me up when pain and challenges was at worst.

Helping me portray Giovanni, able to compose it’s Soundtrack, and now inspire on the festival screens in India to Hollywood.

All about Love!