Man who allegedly threatened to kill wife arrested in Woodhaven parking lot at her job

A 51-year-old Brownstown Township man was arrested for stalking his estranged wife after she ended their relationship.

The incident took place at about 5:45 p.m. March 27 at a Woodhaven restaurant on Allen Road where she works.

According to a police report, the estranged husband literally went kicking and screaming into a patrol car and into the police station.

Physical threats to his wife and calls to her job in part led up to the arrest, according to police.

Prior to the arrest, the wife said she ended their relationship March 24 and for the past three days he has been calling her cell phone and job.

When police went to the woman’s job on March 27th they were told of the numerous hang up phone calls on the business line that came from his telephone number.

He called her cellphone while police were there and an officer told her to answer it so he could speak with him.

According to the report, the officer identified himself and her estranged husband made several threats, saying there will “be problems” if officers come to his house or try to intervene in any way.

When told about the city’s telephone ordinance on harassment, the report said he responded by telling the officer, “(expletive deleted) you,” over and over until the officer finally hung up the phone.

The officer told him not to step foot on the property and police instructed his wife to call police immediately if he shows up on the premises.

She already was in the process of obtaining a personal protection order and filing for divorce.

Police left the business, but later that day received an emergency call from the restaurant owner after an employee saw the man headed toward the business.

Several police cars responded.

The report said the man had been in the parking lot at her job harassing people going inside, but tried to leave after police were called.

Police conducted a traffic stop and after having him step out the vehicle the man became belligerent with officers, screaming the entire time. He accused officers of sleeping with his wife and they were “on the side” of her place of employment.

As he was taken into custody, he told officers, “OK, I get the hint now. Just let me go and I will leave her alone.”

Once at the station, he became uncooperative again and refused to be fingerprinted.

The owner intends to pursue charges for trespassing.

The report said since she left her husband she has received more than 800 text messages and phone calls threatening her. On one call she told police a message said she will “get what is coming to her.”

According to the report he also has contacted several members of her family and made threats

She is pursuing stalking and telephone harassment charges.

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