Movie star Gabrielle Union shows off Nebraska football knowledge on Buzzfeed show

Movie star Gabrielle Union is a diehard Nebraska football fan.

And on Monday she showed why.

Union, who went to Nebraska before transferring, grew up in Omaha and gave some impressive answers to Cornhusker football questions on Monday on Buzzfeed’s AM to DM video series.

Here’s the full video. See if you can get them all right too.

In the clip, Union answers some trivia, starting with, “Who coached Nebraska from 1972-1997.”

She nailed it with Tom Osborne.

Union was then asked how many national titles the Huskers have and quickly replied with five before being asked to name all five years.

She quickly rattled off 1970, 1971, 1994, 1995 and 1997, making sure to site that the final one was a co-title with Michigan.

The next question was, “Who was Nebraska’s opponent in what has been deemed the ‘Game of the century.’”

She replied with Oklahoma.

Then, she was asked who the Huskers first Heisman Trophy winner was and replied with Johnny Rodgers almost before the question was finished.

“He’s a family friend,” Union said. “Hi Johnny.”

Union was then asked the other two winners.

“I have their helmets, Mike Rozier and Eric Crouch,” Union said.

The one question she was then stumped on was what Nebraska’s original mascot was, which was the “Bug Eaters.”

She then named Tommie Frazier as the quarterback who led the team to two straight national titles, citing the fact that his jersey is on her wall.

Union was then asked what every player touches for good luck, to which she answered a horseshoe.

Before the end of the clip, Union and the host enjoyed a couple of runzas.

“I love a cold beer and a warm runza,” she said.

And of course the host finished up by asking what she thinks Scott Frost’s record will be this season.

Union replied 8-4.

She then said she wanted to take the host to Time Out Foods on the north side of Omaha for some chicken.

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