NASA has published a unique snapshot of a dwarf galaxy

NASA опубликовало уникальный снимок карликовой галактики

Scientists using the Hubble telescope made the dwarf galaxies IC 4870, the center of which you can see strands of blue gas.

It is reported by NASA.

The galaxy is at a distance of 28 million light years from Earth in the constellation Peacock. It was opened in 1900 by American astronomer Stewart Delila. It has an active galactic nucleus, which very clearly illuminates the Central region, so intense that its radiance can outshine the whole galaxy.

Such core powerfully radiate across the electromagnetic spectrum from radio waves to gamma rays, generated by a supermassive black hole, which absorbs material that is too close to her.

IC 4870 also belongs to the class of Seyfert galaxies, different characteristic emission lines indicates the presence of powerful emission of gas, the speed of which reaches thousands of kilometers per second.

As reported, another study allowed the researchers to identify at a distance of 1 billion light years away an object that shines brighter than the Sun at 570 billion times.

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