Rocket Lab Could Not Launch As Scheduled

The Article from Rocket Lab Could Not Launch As Scheduled.


Rocket Lab may have disappointed many people who had anticipated the company’s first commercial flight but safety is always a priority. The launch which was scheduled for April 20, to May 3, was postponed due to fueling issues that were encountered during a wet dress rehearsal on Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

The rehearsal is an important procedure done to check if everything is set for a launch. Rocket Lab announced the postponement via Twitter and they also assured enthusiasts that the postponement is only for a few weeks. The company has not revealed an exact date for the next launch.

The launch was intended to be the first commercial flight by an Electron rocket, and Rocket Lab named it “It’s Business Time”. The first successful launch came off in January last year, however, the second flight which was scheduled to happen in May did not come off due to an issue with ground tracking.

According to officials, the first successful test flight is enough to declare the

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