Rumor: Super Mario Odyssey's Next Costumes Could Include a Zombie Mario, More

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Super Mario Odyssey still remains one of the most entertaining games we’ve played on the Nintendo Switch as of late, and Nintendo is keeping the fun going by adding a number of new costumes to the mix, along with the Luigi’s Balloon World expansion. But according to some crafty dataminers, we may be getting a new round of costumes that are the best we’ve seen yet in the game.

A Twitter user by the name of ecumber has managed to dig up a number of costumes that Mario will be able to sport in the game, which should be added within the next few weeks. There’s also a good chance Nintendo might be saving them for an official reveal around E3 time, as that’s when it usually likes to have some surprises in store for fans.

So what will these new costumes bring? We’ve broken them down over the next few pages — and yes, they look like a lot of fun. Who’s ready for Zombie Mario?

Slide 1/2 – Zombie, Conductor and…a Dress?
Mario Odyssey

Yep, you’ve heard that correctly. One of the new skins that will be introduced will feature a rather greenish Mario in undead form, complete with “dead eyes” and an axe buried within his skull. He’ll also have a pretty torn up outfit, missing one of his traditional shoes and having the fingers torn off his gloves.

Mario Odyssey 2

Not in the mood for Zombie Mario? This Conductor costume may be more your speed, as Mario dresses up in dapper clothes and has a penchant for classic music. Not to mention that awesome powdered wig. When he runs around, does he leave a powdery trail? Just wondering.

Mario Odyssey 3

This appears to be one of the outfits for the bad guy rabbits in the game, and while we don’t have its official name yet, we gotta say…Mario with long hair looks pretty cool. Like, very Fabio-ish.

Mario Odyssey 4

Continuing with yet another member of the evil rabbit line, this one gives Mario multi-colored hair and puts him in a dress. Not to mention awesome purple gloves to match said dress. We approve.

More outfits on the next page!

Slide 2/2 – Racing, Santa and…Bad Fashion Sense
Mario Odyssey 5

This looks like another evil rabbit costume, with the wide hat and the interesting mixture of suspenders, bow tie and orange pants. And the bunny slippers!

Mario Odyssey 6

Here we go. This racing costume looks pretty awesome, advertising a fictitious company called “Mario Motors” and featuring some pretty slick racing gloves and shoes. This looks like the sort of thing he’d wear in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Hmmm…maybe Nintendo should patch this outfit into that game.

Mario Odyssey 7

Finally, it may only be April, but it’s not too early for Christmas. So here comes Santa Mario to provide boys and girls with good platforming gifts. And you’ll notice a big 8-bit style Mario behind him. We’re not sure if this is another costume or just Santa Mario’s custom sack, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Now, Nintendo hasn’t said a word about any of these costumes, so these could just be fancy artist renderings, so take them with a grain of salt. Besides, Zombie Mario may scare some kids, despite the fact he’s not bloody or, thankfully, asking to chew on some brains. But we’d love to see all of these come around in the final game, so fingers crossed!

Super Mario Odyssey is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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