Scientists have named a female disease that causes anxiety and depression

Ученые назвали женское заболевание, вызывающее тревожность и депрессию

This disease affects the mind is stronger than cancer.

The Australian scientists came to the conclusion that endometriosis disrupts the psyche of women is stronger than HIV and cancer, reports the with reference to Aspects.

Researchers from Monash University in Melbourne conducted an experiment in which interviewed 500 women and found that those who suffer from endometriosis are more prone to depression (86%), and the rest has been in a state of anxiety. The strongest factor affecting the condition of the female body, is the inability to control the disease and severe abdominal pain.

Because of this, the girl reduced self-esteem and appears pessimism. The biggest impact the disease has on young girls aged 18-25 years, when I started the first sexual relations. Because of this, the future of women sneaking lack of confidence in his sexuality and usefulness to men.

The causes of this unpleasant disease, such as endometriosis, scientists have not yet fully understood. The disease is known since the early 70-ies and shows up in terrible pain in the pelvis and failure of menstruation. Cells diseases spread through blood, like cancer. Currently endometriosis is ranked third in popularity of diseases in gynecology.

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