Search on for dogs who fled from crash at Lostwithiel

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Brett Camborne Paynter/ Suzanne Smith

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The two Jack Russell terriers are missing after a car accident yesterday evening

A search is under way for two dogs who fled from a crashed car.

Linda Camborne-Paynter’s two terriers escaped from her car after the crash at about 18:00 GMT on Thursday outside Sweetshouse near Lostwithiel, Cornwall.

Her son Brett Camborne-Paynter said he had searched until 04:00 GMT using a squeaky toy to try and find them.

Mrs Camborne-Paynter, 65, who broke both of her arms in the crash, has had the Jack Russels Dexter and Snowy for two years.

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Mr Camborne-Paynter said: “I went around every single lane in the area with a squeaky toy in the fog and the cold.

“Mum was on morphine last night because she’d broken both arms, she had both wedding rings cut off, but she was broken and crying because she thinks she might have hurt the dogs and she’s worried she won’t see them again”.

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Suzanne Smith

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The search for the two Jack Russells is continuing today

Her daughter Suzanne Smith said the car flipped after hitting a bollard and a large decorative rock.

She said: “The driver of the car behind stopped and opened the door to check on mum and this is when the dogs got out”.

Fire crews from Lostwithiel and Bodmin cut the roof off the car to get Mrs Camborne-Paynter out before she was taken to hospital in Truro.

A group are meeting at a nearby vets surgery on Friday to try and find the dogs before Christmas.

They are both two-year-old white Jack Russells with black spots.

Dexter also has a black eye and ear.

Search on for dogs who fled from crash at Lostwithiel

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