SpaceX is Playing a Game of Catch

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When items go into space it is usually accepted that some items are not coming back for use in another mission. SpaceX is trying to change this by setting up a simple recovery system. They may not recover large amounts of items, or any at all. The effort, however, is a big deal in a world where everything is disposable. The giant net is spread out over a large watercraft and is attached to arms that look like claws.

SpaceX has recovered items after a launch before, and hopes to catch the payload fairings, or nose-cone halves, after the recent launch of the Falcon Heavy. The recovery of these items has the potential to save the company about five million dollars every time a launch is made. The March 2017 launch actually used a Falcon 9 rocket over again, after recovery. The net used to catch the material is set up on a vessel called Mr. Steven.

Mr. Steven is a part of an entire fleet with names such

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