Study tells us that planet Uranus smells worse than a toilet

Uranus was the first planet to be discovered in modern times, as it is not visible from Earth with the naked eye.

But astronomers have recently discovered something else about the seventh planet of our system (in terms of distance from the Sun) that the upper layers of its atmosphere are dominated by hydrogen sulfide, a gas that smells like clumpy eggs, and is often compared to its gas discharges man.

Only by letting laughs the discovery published in the “Nature Astronomy” inspection has wider implications for our knowledge not only for Heaven but also about how our own solar system was finally formed.

Scientists have long been questioning the elements forming the upper layers of the planet’s atmosphere, as they had no evidence. But the new observation has changed this: “We have judged the presence of hydrogen sulphide over the main body of clouds,” said Oxford’s lead investigator Patrick Irwin, “this means that in Uranus, and possibly Neptune, hydrogen sulfide is more abundant than nitrogen. This discovery imposes a powerful limitation on how the planets formed. ”

This is partly rejected by the planetary migration, which explains astronomers about the existence of giant planets near their suns …

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