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EDINA, Minn. – Reading about the tragedy in Tulum — a gas leak reportedly leading to the death of a vacationing Iowa family — Edina travel agent Maureen McKamey from A1 Travel worries the news may stoke irrational fears of traveling to Mexico.

“There’s situations like this where it’s unfortunately just a fluke,” McKamey said. “Many of us here at the agency have gone to Mexico many times. We feel very, very safe there.”

But in the middle of Minnesota’s big travel season, McKamey has a checklist of some ways to make sure you stay safe wherever you vacation.

“The very thing to do when you walk into the room is to take a look at the reading material that all hotels provide,” McKamey said.

She suggests immediately entering numbers in your phone for the hotel and for local authorities if you travel out of the country, so help is at your fingertips should you need it.

“Trust your instincts. if you walk into a hotel room, kind of do a scan,” McKamey said.

Minnesotans sometimes might be afraid to complain, but McKamey says if anything is “off,” bring it to the front desk’s attention right away.

“Maybe you look up and there are no batteries in the smoke detector,” McKamey said. “It may not seem like a big deal at the time, but you don’t want it to become a problem later on.”

McKamey also tells travelers not to keep their keycard in the cardboard sleeve it comes with, because if you lose it, someone else potentially has access to your room and knows where to find it.

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