What Scott Frost said after Nebraska football's 2018 spring game

As far as the game itself, the Red squad defeated the White squad, 49-9.

After the game, Frost spoke with the media at a press conference. Here’s what he said.

Frost opening statement:

“That brought back more memories than a lot of other things have. Just the smell of the stadium and the food they have there just took me back a long time. It was a pretty special day for me.”


Frost’s thoughts of the game:

“It’s the first step in a journey for us. I thought we did some really good things at times. I thought there were some guys making plays. It was a little sloppy at times and we made some mistakes, didn’t capitalize on some things. First spring, I think the guys have come a long way already. I told them that they can’t see this as the end of the process. They just have to see that as we’re familiar with what we’re asking them to do now. We’re gotta take little bit of time off and really have a resurgence and a lot of effort in summer conditioning to make sure we’re getting better with everything we’re doing.”


Frost on quarterbacks:

“I think you got to see all the guys make good plays. That’s what’s happened all spring. It was a little tougher, probably, we had a few more of the guys on the red team than the white side so those guys had a little tougher duty. They all made good plays today. They all made some mistakes. I think you can see all four of them are talented kids with the capability to run our offense.”


On freshman quarterback Adrian Martinez:

“I told the quarterbacks before the game just go play. We’re not going to decide who the starting quarterback is today. In a game like that, you might be in there when the right play is called and the right guy is in open. And you might be the guy in there when somebody misses a protection and you get sacked. Quarterbacks can look good or bad through no fault of their own. So we’re not going to judge them too much on the way they played today. Just speaking about Adrian, the one thing that impresses me is his composure as an 18-year-old that should still be in high school to come out and do some good things. That was a good job. But I thought all four handled the situation really well.”


On running back Greg Bell:

“Greg’s got a gear that’s pretty special. He’s got good vision. He’s gotta get lined up a little faster and be a little more urgent sometimes. But he does some special things with the ball in his hands.”


On the depth chart:

“We’re not going to make any decisions about depth chart right now. With all of the repetition we get, it usually clarifies itself and we don’t have to do much with that. I keep saying, it’s really hard to judge people until everybody is familiar with the scheme and playing on an even playing field. Once everybody really knows what they’re doing and we can really evaluate who’s doing the job a little better than somebody else, then we’ll make some of those decisions.”


On when he is going to meet with players:

“I’m actually going to start meeting with the guys on Monday. I didn’t get a chance to meet with everybody individually right when I got here. I’ve gotten to know all the guys now and want to sit down and have individual meetings with them. We’re actually going to practice on Monday. We’ve only had 13 and we have a window for one more, so we’re going to do some type of practice on Monday and then I’ll start individual meetings with guys after that.”


On not calling plays:

“I was just trying to watch effort, maybe see more things than I would be able to as a play-caller. Mostly watching the offense because I’ve got a lot of guys on the defensive staff to do their job. I was kind of enjoying the day a little bit as a fan. I don’t get to just watch football very often. I was coaching some, but also just taking it in and enjoying the experience.”


On which players he though gave great effort:

“I saw good effort from a lot of guys. I thought Dedrick Young played hard. Will Honas played really hard, he’s been playing hard all spring. I saw Ben Stille playing hard. A lot of the guys that we need to be leaders were really attacking and giving effort. That’s what we need and we need more of it.”


On what has changed since his playing days:

“The stadium’s changed quite a bit since I was here. There’s a lot more TVs and red lights and stands on the east side. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the volume and the passion of the fans. It was neat for me to be a part of it again.”


On the defense:

“They’re symbolic of our entire team. I think they’ve gotten better. I thought the tackling was actually decent out there. There were a few missed tackled out there, but I thought guys were rallying to the ball pretty well and for the most part getting guys on the ground. They’re just like every part of our team here. We’re taking the first baby steps here. Nothing that we’re doing right now is where I want it to be or where the coaching staff wants it to be. But it doesn’t just happen overnight. We have to patient as coaches to teach lessons as problems arise and continue to develop and get guys in better shape and get guys stronger and get guys more familiar. Sometimes you get impatient as a coach and think it’s going to happen every night. It’s not. I’ve seen improvement from a lot of guys and I’ve seen a lot of overall improvement from our team, but none of us are happy yet.”


On Daishon Neal:

“I saw him get better. I think he got a lot better getting stronger and getting leaner. He’s got the body type that we’re looking for at that position. We just need him to be productive. A lot of guys on our team weren’t in good enough shape, still aren’t in good enough shape to play at the pace we want to play at. Daishon’s certainly got the talent and gifts to be a good player for us and make plays.”


On Khalil and Carlos Davis:

“The Davis twins are going to be capable to play all three spots on the line. We actually had to split those guys up on the team today. Our numbers aren’t very good. Our depth isn’t great, particularly at defensive back. It was really bad for us in this game, D-line. We had to have enough games just to make sure we could get through the game. With those guys’ ability to play both [positions] we had to get them on different teams.”


On procedural penalties:

“That’s discipline and detail. We got to keep coming along with that. Those things get even harder when you’re tired. Those things get even harder when you’re pushing the pace. But those things aren’t acceptable around here. Again, we can’t get impatient and think that we’re going to be perfect in day one or spring game No. 1. I thought it did get better in the second half. I don’t know how many penalties there were in the second half, but it didn’t seem like many. We’ll keep cleaning things up and get better from that standpoint.”


On fan who won 25K:

“I think they picked the wrong guy. Noah Vedral told me he ran track against him and he was a good athlete. I think he was from Davis City Aquinas. He looked like the type of guy that could catch it and he came through, so everybody was jacked for him.”

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