YouTube star Adam Saleh 'kicked off' Delta Airlines flight

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Adam Saleh broadcast his reaction to being removed from a Delta Airlines plane

A YouTube star’s video about his removal from a Delta Airlines flight has gone viral across social media.

Adam Saleh told the BBC he was asked to get off the London-New York flight on Wednesday after speaking to his mother in Arabic on the phone.

A fellow passenger allegedly expressed feeling uncomfortable.

Delta Airlines confirmed that two customers were removed after a “disturbance” and said it would investigate the report.

The incident is said to have taken place while the plane was still at Heathrow airport, and also involved Mr Saleh’s friend.

Mr Saleh said: “This lady screamed, ‘What is he saying?’ and said she felt uncomfortable.

“The captain came and asked what happened.

“I was so disgusted I took a video as I was being asked to leave,” he added.

US airline Delta released a statement on their website saying “more than 20 customers” expressed their discomfort. It is unclear whether they were referring to the Arabic speaking, or the disturbance that followed.

“We are taking allegations of discrimination very seriously; our culture requires treating others with respect,” the statement said.

Mr Saleh said he later boarded a different flight with a different company.

“Once we were off the [Delta Airlines] plane, we were told it was because we were being loud. You don’t just kick someone off for being loud!” said Mr Saleh.

Mr Saleh’s friend, Slim Albaher, who was also escorted off the plane, said: “I just froze. It was like something you’d only see in the movies.”

Mr Saleh is well-known for carrying out pranks, which he posts on YouTube.

Earlier this month, he claimed to have hidden in a suitcase and travelled from Melbourne to Sydney in the hold. It was later exposed as a hoax.

His many followers picked up his Delta Airlines story, and in just three hours his video had more than 120,000 retweets and five million views on Facebook.

Soon after the Heathrow incident, the hashtag #BoycottDelta was trending in London and his updates on Twitter were getting lots of shares:

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